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pest-control-nyc-mouse-3Although springtime is nearly at a close, there are still responsibilities that every homeowner must consider. When it comes to owning a home in New York City, pest control is one of those responsibilities. If you allow pests such as bugs and rodents to sneak inside, you could be looking at damage to your house, contaminated food, or even worse.


Whether you handle most of the pest control duties yourself, turn them over to a professional, or use a mixture of both, there’s a good chance that you continue to make mistakes that counteract the pest control that’s been done. Today, we’ll highlight three of those mistakes so that you can identify and fix them right away.



Pest Control NYC:  Ignoring past pest control issues.


There’s an attitude in many things, not just pest control, that is basically “out of sight, out of mind.” As you’re probably aware, it means that if you don’t see something, you don’t think about it. In regards to pest control, it means that when you see bed bugs on your couch or cockroaches in your kitchen, you act right away to get rid of them. But once they’re gone, you let your guard down, which can allow them the opportunity to come back.


Pest Control NYC:  Neglecting to inspect your home on a regular basis.


On occasion, you will be alerted of the presence of pests when only a few have gotten inside, which will allow you time to take the steps necessary to protect your home before an infestation occurs. However, those times are few and far between. Instead of waiting for the signs, you need to be proactive. If you don’t inspect your home on a regular basis, all of the work that was done in the past to get rid of pests will end up being for naught. If you don’t have the time to check every day, at least look for signs of pests on a weekly basis. Having just a little bit of foresight can save you from a huge headache later on.


Pest Control NYC:  Not following the advice of pest control experts.


Whether or not you have used a pest control professional in the past, there is a load of information available out there (and on this very website, in fact) on how to deal with various pests. Some homeowners spend their hard-earned money on a professional only to ignore their advice. They won’t check water sources for leaks or discard their trash in a timely manner. It’s in one ear and out the other, and that can be a dangerous game. If you ignore this advice, you’ll very likely have another pest problem in the future.



Image Credit: vesiii via Flickr