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species-of-rodents-3-houseAs a homeowner, you must be aware at all times of anything strange going on in your house. This includes monitoring your home for all sorts of pests and bothersome critters.  For example, your attic can be a breeding ground for different species of rodents.  Luckily, these creatures are not very quiet.  So if you hear scratching and scurrying sounds from above, it’s not bats in the belfry you need to worry about … rather, it’s rodents in the attic.



In fact, there are three common species of rodents that you should watch (and listen) for: mice, rats, and squirrels.  If any of these are found in your home, and you are unable to get rid of them yourself, it is imperative that you call a professional before they do too much damage.


Quiet as a mouse?  Not really.


Mice may be able to run across a floor without making a sound, but once they’re in the walls of your attic, the noise they make is almost deafening.  Mice have been known to chew through wires that can lead to costly repairs.  And let’s not forget that they are filthy animals, ripe for carrying disease.  They might be small but mice do a lot of damage.  Listen for them at night, since they are nocturnal creatures.


You dirty rat!


Think of a rat as a mouse’s bigger, more dangerous older brother.  Everything that a mouse can do, a rat can do better.  Except for squeezing through small areas, maybe, but that’s not exactly comforting.  Rats are known to carry disease, just like their smaller relatives.  Like mice, rats are nocturnal, so you are more likely to hear them moving around at night.


Squirrely little critters…


For some reason, many homeowners don’t even consider a squirrel getting into their attic.  We see them outside running through the street or up a tree, maybe even across a telephone line.  But these creatures are one of the most notorious species of rodents for causing havoc in your attic.  A big reason for this is due to their size and comparative strength.  They can eat through insulation and thick wire like a pro.  Squirrels are different from the other two rodents, as they are typically more active in the morning or the early evening.


Don’t delay!


These three species of rodents should not be trifled with.  There are traps created specifically for each animal, but not all traps will succeed, especially if an infestation of the critters has begun.  If you have a problem with one of these species of rodents in your home, it is a good idea to contact a professional to get rid of the problem before it becomes worse.


Photo Credit: Squirrel by exfordy