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pest-control-services-numberRunning a business means focusing on ways to boost the bottom line—increasing sales, becoming more productive, lowering costs, and developing new products and services. With all of this concentration on business improvement, it’s easy to forget the “housekeeping” details that also require action, such as keeping your business free of pests.



Pests can infest commercial buildings just as easily as they can homes, so don’t neglect to pay attention to the following three signs that you need pest control services.


1. Evidence of infestation


Of course, the surest sign of infestation is seeing the pests. But pests tend to stay hidden from humans. However, most leave behind traces, so that even if you don’t catch the pests in the open, you can tell they’re been around. For example:

  • If you see piles of sawdust-like material, or if you hear crackling sounds inside the office walls, you could have termites or carpenter ants.
  • Tiny discarded exoskeletons or the smell of rotten raspberries could signal bed bugs, which can live in any furniture,  not just beds.
  • If the packaging of food stored in the office’s kitchen cabinets—or in people’s offices—has been chewed, you almost certainly have a problem with rodents, which also leave behind droppings to signal their presence.



2. Employees being bitten


If employees complain about being bitten at work by mosquitos, ants, spiders, bed bugs, or some other insect, then it’s probably time for pest control services. An isolated complaint could be reasonably attributed to pests outside the office, but if several employees feel they’ve been bitten while working, chances are the infestation is in your place of business.


3. A History of Pests


This sign will be contained in your company’s records. If your building has had pest problems in the past, but you’re no longer receiving regular pest control services, you can safely assume that the problem has returned. Just knowing your business is prone to pests and hasn’t been treated for them in months should be all the sign you need to call for pest control services—this time being sure to schedule regular treatments.



Photo Credit: 3rd floor by hokkey