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pest-control-services-officeWhen running a business, it’s easy to neglect pest control. A business is focused on increasing productivity, lowering costs, and growing sales, and insects, spiders, and rodents might not seem to have anything to do with that.



But that’s not really the case—pests can hinder productivity and sales, and they can lead to significant costs, if not prevented and treated by pest control services.
Consider the following three problems and their ramifications for your business.


1. Pests are bothering your employees.


If employees come to work and they’re accosted by mosquitoes on their way in the door and as they work, or if they go to grab a cup of coffee and see mice droppings in the corner, or they open a cabinet in the company kitchen and see cockroaches scurrying away, they’re not going to be feel very good about the place where they work. When people come to work, they should be as comfortable as they are in their own homes. This comfort level helps productivity. Employees who are on edge because of pests, on the other hand, are distracted and demoralized. You can just imagine the thought process: “Ugh, I’ve got to go work in the nasty old place another day.” Then there is the health issue to consider. Some pests spread disease. Others cause allergies. Employees who become sick aren’t productive, and they can cost the company in insurance costs.



2. Pests will turn off customers.


Every workplace differs of course, and some are removed from customer sight. But many workplaces are places where customers are served (e.g., restaurants, hotels, retail stores, hair salons, doctor’s offices). If you’re this type of business, and customers see pests, or signs of pests, that’s often enough to cause them to take their business elsewhere. Even if your workplace is not used for direct customer service, you many have clients (or prospective clients) who occasionally visit you for a meeting or some other reason, and if they notice a pest infestation, it sends a message that your company has lax tendencies.  


3. Pests can cause damage.


Termites and carpenter ants can eat away at the wood structure of a building, causing significant and expensive structural damage. Rodents can chew through wiring, creating fire hazards. Pests aren’t just creepy–they can cause real harm.




You shouldn’t wait until you notice an infestation before calling for pest control services—by then employees and customers have probably already noticed and formed costly negative impressions, and structural damage may have already occurred. Instead, schedule an inspection, treatment, and follow-up treatments to keep pests from ever hurting your business.



Photo Credit: New Office by Phillie